We aspire to create a relationship of absolute transparency and accountability with each client.  Our quarterly statements show exactly how much is being charged to manage portfolio assets. Unlike retirement portfolios managed by most large investment companies, there are no hidden commissions or 12B-1 fees, which mutual fund shareholders pay to market the fund to new investors. These fees have zero transparency. They are debited directly out of the mutual fund and are not disclosed on a client’s portfolio statement.

As registered investment advisers, we have a legal fiduciary duty to put client interests ahead of our own. Fees must be competitive and investments must be within a client's long-term interest.

We do not outsource the management of assets to anyone.  When there are questions about why a stock, bond or asset has been purchased for a portfolio, the client can pick up the phone and speak with their adviser directly. In addition, a client will never go more than six months without a call from their adviser. We keep the lines of communication open at all times by deliberately limiting the number of clients to allow for individual service of each portfolio.