Value Stocks

We believe the most secure, long-term asset growth can be captured through value investing. As investors, we identify high-quality companies that we consider undervalued and buy them at a large discount in order to realize asset growth over time. We base our analysis of each company on a structured, discounted cash flow model.  

The established, secure companies we seek for client portfolios sell products and innovate within developed markets and use the generated cash flow to expand overseas into emerging markets with higher growth rates and more favorable tax environments.  It is this combination of security and growth that drives long-term value for our clients.

Companies with strong cash flow generate excess profits, which return cash to shareholders via dividends and share repurchases.  At Gunn Capital, depending on the profile and investment goals of the individual client, we either use the dividends to reinvest and grow portfolios or as cash flow to fund retirement. Over time, dividends account for over half of the total return received from investing in stocks and play an integral role in funding retirement income.